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Grenada EMA/911 is a joint agency of the City of Grenada and Grenada County. We were originally established under the authority of The Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, Public Law 81-920 as amended and The Mississippi Emergency Management Law of 1995, Mississippi Code of 1972, Title 33, Chapter 15, as amended. This term is used in conjunction with the term emergency management. We operate through a joint City/County resolution adopted September 6, 1960, establishing the Grenada Civil Defense Council.

In 1987, we were tasked with creating physical addresses for Grenada County.  In 1992 we completed the task of addressing each residence in the city and county and began converting addresses from the postal service's rural route addresses to the new physical or 911 address as it is often called. 

Our primary duties consist of disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation for the City of Grenada and Grenada County.  We also write many, many plans and assist in obtaining grants to further aid our community.  

We help to provide a way for  citizens to be prepared for events that that may adversely affect them in their day to day activities.  This has been accomplished by having a close working relationsip with the City of Grenada City Council and Grenada County Board of Supervisors.  Both of these entities provide the funds to support the day to day activities of the organization

When the catastrophic disaster hits we, the government, will not have all the resources that we need. Therefore it is imperative that we teach each citizen some “self-help” procedures. This is the driving force behind the “Community Emergency Response Team” program.




Call 662-226-1076 or email

to sign up for alerts.  

Minutes, message and data fees may apply, but there is NO CHARGE from the City of Grenada or Grenada County for the service. 

NIXLE/EMA TEXT ALERTS - Anyone can sign up for the text alerts and EVERYONE signed up will receive the alert regardless if you are in the event area or not. Text alerts are sent for anticipated severe weather/watches/warnings and community messages. It will not work on pre-paid phones or many Straight Talk phones. The service is free but message rates still apply. 

CODE RED WEATHER WARNINGS - Code Red CALLS your phone - house and/or cell numbers (up to 3 per address) WHEN there is a WARNING for your ADDRESS. If you are NOT in the WARNING area you will NOT receive a phone call. We MUST have name, address and phone numbers for this service - which is FREE other than minute/message fees by your phone carrier. Therefore if you are in Elliott and Geeslin Corner is under a warning you will NOT be called.

Contact Us

Office Information
370 Van Dorn Street
Grenada, MS  38901
Director Trebia Rodgers email
Deputy Director Tiffany Clark email

Office Hours 8-5 Monday - Friday except holidays.  
We try to remain open during lunch if staffing allows.  We only have two full time employees.  

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