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History of 911 Addressing for Grenada, MS

In 1987, we were tasked with creating physical addresses for the City of Grenada and Grenada County.  In 1992 we completed the task of addressing each residence in the city and county and began converting addresses from the postal service's rural route addresses to the new physical or 911 address as it is often called.   Your  address is set mileage by a computer in our vehicle and gives meaning to your address to first responders.   First responders know that addresses are set in mileage and this makes it easier for them to find you.  Addressing begin at the beginning of the road and odd numbers will typically be on the South or West side of the road and even numbers will typically be on the North or East side of the road. 

Obtaining a 911 Form for EXISTING Structures

Proof of ownership (deed, tax receipt in your name or contract  if in the process of purchase and government issued ID (driver's license or state issued ID).  
      Posting 911 Addresses
It is imperative that residents post their address so that it can be easily seen, particularly at night.  Many people will live most of their lives and never need emergency responders.  However that one time that someone needs us many times their address is not clearly posted making it difficult for emergency responders to locate them.   We encourage everyone to post the numeric portion of their address either on the mailbox if it is on the same side of the road as the home.  If not, we suggest installing a post post leading to their driveway to display the address.  It should be reflective numbering at a least two inches in height.  This will make it much easier for fire, law enforcement and EMS to find you should you need help. 

Addresses are set according to where the structure will sit. Addresses can NOT be used in other locations on the same property or in another location.

Obtaining a NEW 911 Address 

All NEW addresses require a flood plain permit, proof that you own the property (deed or tax receipt in YOUR NAME and a government issued ID (driver's license or state ID).  Flood Plain Management is located at 130 S. Mound Street, Grenada, MS.  Their phone number is 662-226-1081..  
** Building Permits are now required in Grenada County as of July 2022.  Flood Plain Mgt provides this also.  


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