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Natural Hazard Risks

Grenada County has a vast history of flooding, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter weather and is among the counties that is expected to be impacted by an earthquake.   As a whole we have been very fortunate as a community to have not had some of the catastrophic events that other jurisdictions have faced.


During the late 1970's, early 1980's and into the 1990's, flooding has been a primary threat for the citizens of the city and county.  Over the years there have been multiple projects that have bought out properties that were in flood zone prone areas.  These areas are now considered open land and nothing further can be built on the property. 

In February of this year (2019) we experienced the worst flood the city and county has seen in over 40 years.  In the fall of 2018 and into 2019, we had unusually high amounts of rain.  The week of February 22nd we had a total of 18 inches or rain resulting in flash flood and river line flooding.  Due to continuous rain we encountered mudslides like we have never seen. 

Jasper Neely Aerial.jpg

Aerial view of park and Jasper Neely Dr 2/24/19


Grenada has been very fortunate in avoiding widespread tornados.  While we see a vast number of tornado watches and warnings, we have only had a few serious tornadoes in the past few decades. 

The oldest account of a tornado in Grenada dates back to May of 1846 when the town itself was only 10 years old.  If totals are correct it shows that 20 + individuals were killed in this event.  The town was still somewhat young and did not have the population as we do today.  Regardless any loss of life is a tragedy. They lived on the west side of the city.

Next is the twister from February 1971. This one killed seven individuals which was the family of a city policeman, Christopher Columbus Hankins.  Lost that day were Mary Helen Hankins, 34 years old; her children, Gary, 2; Losonji, 4, and Christopher, 4 days; Lura Alice Yates, 33, sister of the policeman; Brenda Lee Yates, 4, his niece, and Ellen Yates, 63, his mother‐in-law. To date there has not been another tornado this horrific for Grenada.  They lived on the eastern side of the county.


Below is a list of dates, category and length of tornadoes in Grenada.

1. 1990-12-21 - F1 Tornado3.8 mi.

2.1973-3-10 - F2 Tornado3.8 mi.

3.1968-12-27 - F2 Tornado6.4 mi.

4.2012-10-17 - F1 Tornado6.5 mi.

5.1990-12-21 - F1 Tornado6.6 mi.

6.1974-4-12 - F2 Tornado7 mi.

7.1969-6-21 - F2 Tornado7.7 mi.

8.1990-12-21 - F3 Tornado8.2 mi.

9.1974-4-1 - F2 Tornado9.4 mi.

10.1971-2-4 - F1 Tornado9.8 mi.

11.2011-4-27 - F1 Tornado11.8 mi.

12.1971-2-4 - F2 Tornado12.4 mi.

13.1975-3-12 - F2 Tornado14.3 mi.

14.1988-12-27 - F1 Tornado14.9 mi.

15.1973-11-20 - F3 Tornado15.2 mi.

16.2001-11-26 - F1 Tornado15.2 mi.

17.1988-12-27 - F1 Tornado15.5 mi.

18.1953-2-20 - F1 Tornado18.4 mi.

19.1974-10-29 - F2 Tornado18.6 mi.

20.1983-4-1 - F2 Tornado19.1 mi.


Mobile Home Overturned in Holcomb with owner inside


Home destroyed on Country Meadows 11/2010


Shed overturned in Gore Springs 4/27/11

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